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Eastern Front Russian Vehicles Camouflage Guide

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Deutsch: Mehr als 100 Seiten mit sowjetischen WWII Farbprofilen , viele Bilder, teilweise...mehr
Produktinformationen "Eastern Front Russian Vehicles Camouflage Guide"


Mehr als 100 Seiten mit sowjetischen WWII Farbprofilen, viele Bilder, teilweise auch Originalfotos.


In this book you will find all the inspiration you need to make original Soviet vehicles with a wide and never seen variety of colors, effects, and camouflage. Through 80 pages this book discovers that the Soviets vehicles of the Second World War were not only painted green. Here you have more than 180 profiles which are strictly based on historical photos, many of them never seen before, in which the colors have been studied in depth. The book includes in depth information for each of the vehicles shown as well as a technical introduction to the Soviet paint, its chemistry, and its application, obtained from sources from former USSR countries. This is the definitive guide to the colors in the Soviet period from 1935 to 1945.

Bemerkung: Softcover, Text in Englisch

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