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Hersteller AMMO of Mig Jimenez

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Produktinformationen "BLACK & WHITE TECHNIQUE (English)"

Bemerkung: Softcover, Buch, DIN A4 Format, Text in Englisch 

Jose Luis Lopez has created his own style aptly named the Black & White technique and the results have quickly become popular worldwide. This book is the newest and latest of the author's and these more than 100 pages are lush in technical detail, explaining the entire process with numerous step by step examples as well as insightful theoretical reflection. The technique allows us to layer the effects of wear, chipping, and dirt in a simpler manner than usual by using a Black & White foundation for our base color(s). Once our translucent base colors are applied, each subject automatically acquires three-dimensional volume and layered weathering effects. Only in this unique book can you find all of the secrets of Jose Luis Lopez innovative and versatile approach. Through numerous in-depth examples, photo rich step by step demonstrations bring stunning results to modelers of all genres and skill levels.

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