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The Weathering Magazine No. 10 - Water

Hersteller AMMO of Mig Jimenez

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Produktinformationen "The Weathering Magazine No. 10 - Water"

Ausgabe 10 setzt seinen Fokus auf Wassereffekte. Wie immer werden diese Techniken von einigen der talentiertesten Modellbauer aus aller Welt gezeigt.

Das Weathering Magazin eignet sich perfekt um eine umfassende Bibliothek für Modellbautechniken zu erstellen.

Bemerkung: Softcover, Zeitschrift, DIN A4 Format, Text in Englisch 

The only magazine in the world devoted exclusively to the weathering effects and paint in general for all kinds of modeling. This issue is dedicated to water and moisture. The best modellers in the world will offer a repertoire of exceptional examples and they explain with detailed step by step process, all the newest tricks and techniques to get your models represent similar conditions. From ships at offshore to tanks out of the water or crossing rivers, seaplanes, standing water, streams and much more. TWM is a collectible magazine, 64 pages, printed on high quality glossy paper and full of useful items for any field of model.  Available in 7 different languages, this is the most international magazine in the world.

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