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Forged Monkey


The Red Lion

They called him Red Lion, undefeated champion of the arena.

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Mannaz, the Rune Collector

Mannaz is a more than a man. A legend told with fear at...

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The Wanderer

In a world that was destroyed by hate, he chose evasion....

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Romero, the Cat

Romero was born in the harbor district, the son of a...

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Mutant Scout Garvan

Garvan is not the most powerful, the fastest or the...

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Setting stuff on fire, explosions, that was always his...

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Tribe Chief Morrow

Every Tribe needs a leader, a strong mind, an unbowing...

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Einar Erikson, Norse Prince

Norse Prince

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Ragnok, Norse Orc Hero

Many say the Norse orcs are the most brutal, cold blooded...

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